We’re a happy team at Collingwood, as Hawthorn Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell found out whilst spending some time with our youth development squads after practice thanks to our partners and friends at RPG group.

Tom Mitchell is no stranger to hard work, the current record holder for most disposals in an AFL game, so who better to have come in and share these values with the hardest working youth group.

Tom is a big believer in routine and discipline and passed on the lessons he has learnt using this method of training, which aligns perfectly with our youth development core vision.

Tom explained how having a routine through out the week, when it comes to training, eating, recovery, work and social life is of utmost importance, balance in routine is the best preparation for any athlete across all ages. Tom gave great insight on his game day routine as well and explained how the better an athlete prepares the better you play and feel.

Growing up Tom carried a lot of perceived pressure to follow in his fathers footsteps and was able to provide insight on dealing with internal and external pressure.
The more you execute the more you fail, the more you fail the more you try, the more you try the more you succeed.

Post his Brownlow Medal winning season, Tom found himself on the injury list. All athletes understand the pressure and frustration that comes with being injured and having to sit on the sidelines but Tom was able to thrive during this period due to his disciplined routine schedule. This gave him the balance he needs to stay mentally fit while working on rehab and getting himself back to his best.

A message that everyone in the room took great positivity and a strong lesson from.

Toms fantastic talk was followed by a lengthy Q&A where by Tom took time out of his schedule to help us at Collingwood earn a similar mindset to the Brownlow medalist and send off our teams on their easter trips and tournaments with the mindsets of the pros.

Then it was time for the really fun stuff. One on One and Toms Brownlow wasn’t able to help him watch the ball go through the basket from our Collingwood All Stars, although who won the battle on the court wasn’t recorded, I think Tom will be itching to get back and play again, making every single person in attendee a winner on this night.

Tom and the Hawks have a very promising season ahead and their new coach and game plan has already managed to garner more wins than most AFL fans would have expected, however Tom also has some exciting things coming up off the field. This year he will have the opportunity to do sit-down interviews with NBA star Kevin Durant and NBA Legend Shaq!

Collingwood’s Youth Development program in collaboration with Retail Prodigy Group, strives to create pathways for all our athletes both on and off the court. RPG has already taken on members of the youth development squad with employment at Melbourne centrals flagship Jordan Brand store..

A big thank you to Tom and the hawthorn football club for taking time to come and motivate and inspire the next wave of Australia’s professional athletes and of course a very big thank you to RPG for another perfectly run event and their ongoing support.

Make sure to head down and say hey at the Nike and Jordan Stores located at 2 Melbourne Central, Latrobe Street, Melbourne.