The All Stars program believes that physical progress is only one part of a much more complex equation when it comes to maximising potential of our youth development squads.
Team building, bonding and connections built off-court provides better in game results.

By placing a large importance on academic skills, our squads have the strongest chance of succeeding outside of the program by improving their prospects regardless of what career paths they should choose. Highlighting and leveraging the different skill sets that each boy and girl possesses allows their highest potential, both when playing with teammates and achieving their educational goals.

In 2016, our Homework Club launched alongside our basketball program. We noticed a trend where our players were struggling to keep up with schoolwork and attendance in both our program and school.
Being time poor and not yet having the time management skills to juggle all that being an adolescent throws at you was a common pattern we found with members of the squad so the best brainstormed solution was desks on court. So that’s what we did.

As the educational facet became larger in our program, we eventually established a classroom inside the training facility. It serves the kids who need a space to study, as well as those falling behind who are looking for guidance.

The CBA has volunteers that work one-on-one with players looking for extra assistance with specific projects, studying for tests and exams, or guidance with selecting higher education courses.
Led by our Director of Basketball, Manny Hendrix Jnr we also liaise with school officials to ensure our players are attending their regular class schedules and good behaviour is consistent both in class and on the court.

We try to teach the importance of school and education through the sport of basketball to reach kids that might not have the support they require.

This program is offered too under 16s and above.
Study hall runs Sunday 5pm-7pm , Monday 6:30pm-8:15pm, Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 6pm-8pm.
Our study hall is a safe space for students of all academic and cultural backgrounds to receive educational assistance, regardless of their learning style.
Should anyone require extra study, tutoring, assistance with any school work, all are welcome at these times, as well as one on tutoring that is available outside of these time upon request.