7pm, 21st of March, 2022.

That’s the time stamp of the Collingwood All Stars Youth Development Season Launch at RPG’s brand new flagship Jordan Brand Store, and well, it was just as epic as it sounds. 

We’ve all been to a party in our time and most likely most have been to local sporting clubs season launches. But this was special, and for most of us, our first party in a Jordan Store.

What a way to kick off the season then in true Jumpman style thanks to our friends and partners over at RPG.

The great turnout was met with full Vietnamese fresh catering by Roll’d and just when we thought it couldn’t get fresher than the rice paper rolls, RPG and Marketing Manager Trevor Stitt announced that all in attendance were privileged to a 20% off discount across both RPG’s Jordan and Nike store at Melbourne Central all night. 

Its very fair to say that the excitement was only out matched with the amount of product we all left and I can assure there isn’t a fresher looking youth team in the country.

RPG and the Jordan and Nike stores relationship with our Youth Program goes much deeper than just events and discounts however. 
The Retail Prodigy Group not only supports the life skills, sports and education of our youth program but we are now excited to announce an employment pathway program.

The programs best and most committed will be able to add Jordan Brand to their resumes as we teach our players that sports can provide opportunities in 100s of ways that don’t just include being on the court.

Head coach and program director Manny Hendrix took the floor and thanked all involved and got our team ready to take on a new successful season. 

We thank RPG again and look forward to the next event at Jordan that will be announced soon. 

Hold on tight, the All Stars going all the way with backing like this. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next events dates and follow both RPG and Collingwood all stars for the jump.

Make sure to head down and say hey at the Nike and Jordan Stores located at 2 Melbourne Central, Latrobe Street, Melbourne.