Head Coach Manny Hendrix, like most professional athletes and coaches is a strong believer in teamwork.
Coach Manny believes that a teams identify comes from hard work, resilience, adversity and uniformity.

Through the All Stars Youth Development Program coach Manny has created employment pathways with our partners at Retail Prodigy Group to give our most committed team mates an opportunity to work at the flagship Melbourne Central Jordan Brand store. Three members of the youth development program have already been employed.
The Collingwood Youth Development Program offers youth basket ballers an opportunity, to build life skills and excel during adolescence through our nutrition program, strength and condition training, psychology groups, study hall and of course basketball skills and game preparation training followed by the rehab and recovery sessions. This program has gained the attention of many, including RPG hence having gotten involved in a variaty of ways.

Retail Prodigy Group took our vision one step further and gifted each player in the program a matching Pair of the Nike Paul George 5s (Obsidian-Melon) having the All Stars YDP teams feeling like a College team in March. Excited.

Over 60 Pairs of shoes were gifted to the All Stars meaning now they prepare well, play well and dress well, united as a team, moving in uniformity from head to toe. While boosting team morale, it also shows we are one, as strong as our weakest link, and thanks to RPG our links are all well secured.

Make sure to head down and say hey at the Nike and Jordan Stores located at 2 Melbourne Central, Latrobe Street, Melbourne.