We see sports


Building a home-court advantage

Basketball is our game of choice, but our mission is much greater than winning a tournament. At the Collingwood Basketball Association, we’re building an inclusive and supportive community for local youth regardless of cultural or economic background. Through physical activity, we also instil the values of teamwork, commitment, and education.

Our approach is multi-level: start with our favourite pastime, build up competitive skills and training techniques, then foster personal growth that brings out the best in our youth. We’re here to break stereotypes, to increase confidence, and to bestow lasting lessons to give our players the best chance to succeed in life.

Get in the Game

We love basketball—from the teamwork to the enjoyment of sinking a three-pointer, we want to pass our passion on to the next generation. Fundamental skill training, alongside conditional
and strength training, prepares our kids for games and tournaments year-round. Holiday hours and early morning training hours are also available for those willing to go the extra mile.

Our program builds commitment by providing a regimented structure that adds up to 350 hours a year, giving players time to practice their skills.

Beyond Basketball

Outside of techniques that will help them play their best basketball, we also provide mentoring on school and education, nutrition, interviewing skills, public speaking, and vocational training. This results in up to 160 hours focused on education and personal development every year.

We’re building life skills for our 12- to 24-year-old players to take with them—whether they join us as volunteers, coaches, or referees, or decide to follow a different vocation, we want them to feel confident and prepared moving forward into adulthood.

Community Comes First

Our kids are our future; at CBA, we believe providing a positive outlet for the local youth is of the utmost importance. Having a program for them to invest their time into not only provides exercise and socialising opportunities but also keeps them out of trouble and their mind occupied.

By showcasing strong models in coaching, volunteering, and refereeing roles, we hope to instil a strong sense of community in our players that they will, in turn, invest their time in. We’re working towards building a better

“Great coaches don’t coach to win championships; they coach to teach and prepare kids for life. The championships come as a byproduct.”